Modesto Rotary Club is committed to serving others who are in need. Some of our projects over the years include:

  • In partnership with other local Rotary clubs, converted a quarter mile of the Virginia corridor (a former railroad track) to non-motorized use for walking and biking along with sitting areas.
  • Construction of the Red Shield Recreation Center for the Salvation Army.
  • Construction of the Rotary Pavilion in Graceada Park.
  • Construction of picnic area at Beyer Park.
  • Planting of 20 Valley Oak trees in Tuolumne Regional Park.
  • Installation of playground equipment at Robertson Road Park and Oregon Park.
  • Painting of YMCA building (interior).
  • Construction of classrooms for Red Shield Center.
  • Organize the annual “Stride to Breakfast” event promoting senior health and fitness.
  • Installation of playground facilities for Welfare-to-Work Centers at YMCA and The Salvation Army.

Music Garden Grand Opening


Stanislaus Youth Soccer League new fields project at Bellenita Park

Installation of playground facilities for Haven Women’s Center
Partner with Stanislaus County Office of Education to award Teachers of the Year
Dictionary Project (Partner with other local Rotary clubs)
Agnes Baptist Elementary School Library Book project
Prepare and Serve breakfast at Salvation Army Center on 5th Saturday
Senior Stride Walk at East La Loma Park


The Modesto Rotary Club’s International Services Committee actively fulfills the mission of Rotary International to “advance international understanding, goodwill and peace.” The committee selects projects that positively impact the health, education and welfare of people in other countries. Committee members actively leverage – via matching grants – funds raised to maximize project outcomes.